Genuine Care And Advocacy For Those With Spinal Cord Injuries

As you might expect from their severity, spinal cord injuries are among the most costly to treat and care for in the long term. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center or NSCISC, the average cost of treating the most serious type of spinal cord injury (tetraplegia) over $1 million in the first year alone — and that figure does not include indirect costs such as lost income. Each subsequent year, a person with such an injury can expect to spend an additional $185,000 or so.

Tetraplegia, often called quadriplegia, refers to a spinal cord injury that at least partially affects all four limbs and the torso. Yet even a far less serious injury can cost more in terms of medical care than most people earn in a lifetime.

I am attorney Patrick (Woody) Harrison, and I have seen the devastating personal and financial costs spinal trauma thrusts upon my clients, often through no fault of their own. I have dedicated my career to helping people who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries and I am standing by to help you, too.

Paralysis Changes Your Whole Life In An Instant

The five most common causes of a spinal cord injury, according to the NSCISC, are motor vehicle accidents, falls, violence, sports-related accidents and medical or surgical complications. In many situations, these were preventable accidents. A distracted driver, a patch of ice that should have been removed, or a doctor's mistake may have caused your injuries.

If another person's negligence, recklessness or intentional wrongdoing has left you with a spinal cord injury, they should be held accountable for your personal and financial losses.

It takes an instant to damage your spinal cord, but it takes months or even years to know the full extent of the damage. Your progress will depend in part on the extent and location of the damage. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries often require multiple surgeries and the outcomes of those procedures are difficult to predict.

Insurance companies know how uncertain your current situation is — and they know how expensive a lifetime of treatment will be. It is in their interest to minimize their offer.

As a spinal cord injury attorney serving Indiana for more than four decades, I know how to develop a fair and realistic picture of how much compensation you will need now and in the long term.

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